1-2 years of age

Our Pre-Toddler program provides hands-on, play-based learning experiences. The children will develop fine and gross motoric skills through a range of physical play where they will develop muscular control and hand/eye coordination. Learning through play will build up their social skills, independence, and understanding and learning routines.


  • Sensory
  • Basic skill
  • Discovering art
  • Music and movement
  • Physical education
  • Dramatic play
  • Indoor / outdoor play
  • Story / movie / cooking time


  • To stimulate and develop their five senses through sensory activities.
  • To develop their fine and gross motor skills.
  • To promote their social awareness and social-emotional skills.
  • To promote their language development
  • To stimulate their creative expression through songs and music.
  • To introduce them with the fun learning at school