Dzone Therapy Centre BSD Clinic

Klinik Tumbuh Kembang Anak

  1. Layanan Psikologi (counselling and assesment)
  2. Special Education Class
  3. Terapi Okupasi & Sensori Integrasi
  4. Terapi Wicara & Social Group Therapy
  5. Music Therapy
  6. Play therapy
  7. Ekstra Kurikuler untuk ABK (Judo, Drawing, Art, Cooking, Yoga)

Dzone Therapy Centre just opened our first branch clinic in BSD in January 2017, located at RS THT Proklamasi, Tangerang, BSD, Level 5. We cater for children with special needs.
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Dzone Therapy Centre BSD Clinic


RS THT Proklamasi, Level 5
Kompleks CBD Kav 7
Jln Pahlawan Seribu, Lengkong Gudang
Serpong, Tangerang Selatan
(Belakang Teras Kota Mal)


(021) 2900-2626
(021) 2900-2929 ext 110 or request to be transferred to Level 5



Dzone Therapy Centre


Dzone Therapy Centre

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