Our Staff

Ms Karla Martalova – School Principal

Ms Karla has joined our Dzone Preschool Muara Karang team since it opened in 2011. Graduated with Bachelor of Accounting from University of Tarumanegara, she realised her passion lies in early childhood education.

Ms Karla followed her passion in teaching and had pursued her career in many reputable preschools with international standard curriculum since 2004. She believes education in early childhood involve not only excellence in academic, but character development and life skills are to be the main foundation of education.

Hence, as a Dzone Preschool’s principal, she and her team of dedicated teachers carefully design and build balanced programs focusing in holistic developments to all students.

Understanding and implementing Dzone Preschool’s philosophy, Ms Karla and her team of dedicated teachers believe through hard work, compassion, commitment and dedication, teachers as children’s educators will overcome any challenges and hardships that may come along the way.

Ms Karla and her dedicated team of teachers in Dzone Preschool will continue to tap on the support and constructive fee

Ms Evy Meidy – Centre Manager

Ms Evy Meidy is a mother of three children whom passionately aim for the best holistic education for her children. Graduated from Macquarie University, Australia, with Bachelor of Commerce specializing in Marketing, and Master degree of Tech Management from University of New South Wales, Sydney, Australia.

Ms Evy had the opportunity to study and worked abroad for 11 years, where she continued her Junior college in Sydney from Jakarta in 1993, had given her the exposure of global education system, in which has made her to be thoroughly involved in Dzone Preschool centre to reflect the importance of developing overall growth in children through holistic learning pedagogy.

Ms. Yoela Marie Breemer – School Curriculum Coordinator

Ms. Yoela Marie Breemer S.pd joined our dynamic team since 2011, graduated with Bachelor of Education and having over 20 years of experience involving early childhood and teaching in many reputable international standard preschools, Ms. Yoela makes her lifelong passion in early childhood becomes her life journey.

Utilising her skills and expertise, along with Ms. Karla our principal, Ms. Yoela is responsible for expanding personal developments growth of our team, while directly oversees, carefully designing and building holistic and interactive programmes for our young learners to not only achieving high academic excellence, but instilling independence, life skill and great sense of empathy.

Implementing Dzone Preschool philosophy, Ms. Yoela and her team of enthusiastic teachers, nothing is impossible to achieve through hard work, commitment, teamwork and last but not least, through God’s gracious guidance and blessings.