4-5 years of age

In Pre-Kindergarten, the basic foundations of literacy and mathematics are established. The children will take part on more challenging activities that focuses on the complex areas of a child’s development such as imaginative play, concept of time and social development. Student’s will be introduced to dictation, decodable books learning to read from three letter words, introduction of spatial directions, introduction of time, subtraction and addition numbers up to 20, number sequence and value.


  • Independence development
  • Montessori
  • Discovering art
  • Kindermusik
  • Physical education
  • Dramatic play
  • Indoor / outdoor play
  • Story / movie / cooking time
  • Science
  • Discovering Math
  • Reading
  • Mandarin
  • Bahasa Indonesia
  • Writing
  • Creative writing
  • Social studies
  • Computer
  • Character building


  • To introduce them the concept of blending c-v-c words and reading sight words
  • To enhance their fine motor skills, especially in writing.
  • To enhance their gross motor skills through more challenging physical activities
  • To enhance their Mandarin language, especially in vocabularies and writing.
  • To enhance their Bahasa language, especially in blending the syllables and vocabularies.
  • To enhance their language skills through communication, comprehension and reading.
  • To introduce them with more complex math concepts.
  • To promote their sense of creativity and imagination through dramatic play, creative writing, drawing and making art.
  • To enhance their confident, self-help skills and independency.
  • To enhance their social awareness, social-emotional skills and problem solving skill.