Best school for kids with great teachers and excellent education for kids. Within 6 months studied at Discovery Zone Preschool at Muara Karang Jakarta, my twins (3.5 years old) able to write down their own name without any help, talk and improve their English conversation daily, learn to write and pronounce mandarin language with mandarin teacher graduated from Taiwan and Singapore university, improve their motoric and physical skills, learn how to improve patience and self control for emotions, and improve their art creativity as well. They also learn simple addition and subtraction in their maths and love to dance with their friends in physical education. Many great things from these school especially one of twins, when brunch (different meal choices everyday) around 9 a.m provided by school they had 2-3 additional meal, so as parents no need to worry and stressful to cook and prepare their kids meal in the morning. On Kindergarten Graduation 2019, Discovery Zone Preschool had a grand performance with fabulous costumes and attractive dance by kids, held in a prestigious hotel. I'm really grateful that my kids can study here with super patience teachers. Here their teachers equipped not only with fluently English communication, but they also have good empathy, cheerful, patience, and extremely care for kids academic development. Customer service staff Miss Rossa and Miss Amel are really friendly and helpful. In the morning, the staff will check kids temperature's, and school really take caution for kids health and have sterilisation for urgent case. Because my twins in previous school often sick, even 3 times on that month they had severe flu that spread around kids. When twins had free trial, I was impressed with the school cleanliness and warm friendly talk with school's staff Ms. Rossa and principal Ms. Karla. The teachers Ms. Christy and Ms. Brenda also really nice, smart and patience. Each class has 2 teachers will teach English, Maths, Bahasa Indonesia, Art, etc. The maximum students are 15 kids in 1 class, and each level has 3-4 class. Well, hope all teachers, staff and Discovery Zone Preschool more successful ahead.

Ms Vivi Lie November 20, 2019

Since my son attends Discovery Zone Preschool, he became more active, smart, and he also learns English.

Ms Selawati Parent of Christopher Barnes Preschool Sakura June 10, 2017

Ms Vivi Parent of Darren and Davin June 6, 2017

Hailey shows much improvement since studying in Discovery Zone Preschool. She enjoys going to school everyday. Much appreciation to the teachers and staff at Discovery Zone Preschool for making her learning process more enjoyable.

Ms Dina Parent of Hailey Pre-K Eldeweiss June 5, 2017

Natasha has lots of improvements. I am pleased to put Natasha in Discovery Zone Preschool. She learns lot of things in school. Thanks all the teachers help for Natasha.

Ms Natalia Parent of Natasha Valerie Preschool Rose June 5, 2017

As new parents, we had a little knowledge yet on educating a child, but we believe that first education is the crucial part of kids development. Discovery Zone Preschool has been a tremendous support in preparing Aaron for a higher level of education. Excellence materials, care teachers and great system are what we really appreciate from Discovery Zone Preschool.

Mr Jeruel Parent of Aaron Jayson KG Tulip June 1, 2017

The 'snack time' in Discovery Zone Preschool built a good manner and independence in how he eat by himself. DZ teach to share, which my son usually very difficult to do. But during potluck activity in several events, DZ encourage him to share things he prepare at home. And it's good that now he enjoys sharing.

Ms Hayeantie Parent of Taniel Pre K Edelweiss June 1, 2017

Wesley used to be pretty shy the first months attending the class. But overtime with the teachers care and continuous support, Wesley is able to open up and enjoy his time in the class. We think that Discovery Zone Preschool is not only helping our kids academically, but also help to shape our kids personality, teach them to be themselves. Thank you Discovery Zone Preschool ! You are like a second home to our kids.

Ms Henny Parent of Wesley Toddler Jasmine May 26, 2017

We are very grateful that Hillary studied in Discovery Zone Preschool. We could see how much she grew in her ability to communicate in English, in her character,in her confidence and in her social skills. She made many friends and had a lot of fun. Thank you teachers and staffs for your patience and dedication in teaching our kids. Everything they needed to learn in school.

Mr Johannes Parent of Hillary Pre-K Daisy May 26, 2017

Wilton is always playful and he is not attracted in reading a book. But because DZ Preschool toddler class is fun, Wilton now is beginning to look through the book. Even though he is playful he learned a lot from his class like phonics song. I hope DZ Preschool always fun, educative and up to date with education development now a days ( Montessori, pretend play, real life experience ) Bravo!

Ms Elly Parent of Wilton Toddler Jasmine May 26, 2017

During discovery zone preschool, I am surprised pleasantly that my kid has made obvious progress. Currently my kid is not only can identify all alphabets, but also can write down some by himself. Furthermore, the behavioural habits of my kid has been changed a lot, more polite, able to do sharing, I am satisfied with the education of Discovery Zone Preschool very much.

Ms Liu Wenting Parent of Leo Preschool Rose May 21, 2017

Marcello has always been a very active and talkative child. However, he used to hate getting himself dirty. Since enrolling him in DZ Preschool, I’ve noticed that he starts to like playing with sand, paint and wouldn’t mind if his hands or feet is dirty. He is more confident around kids and strangers. He would even ask them questions. He will also cry every time I told him that there’s no school for him. This means that he really enjoys going to school and this is what matters to me most that he loves his school, his teachers and friends.

Ms Efanry Parent of Marcello Xander Pre-Toddler Sunflower May 17, 2017

Very helpful in educating and character building my daughter. Good education curriculum and the teachers are highly qualified. Thank you Discovery Zone Preschool.

Ms. Liana Parent of Alexandra Olivia Pre K Lily May 17, 2017

After 2 years of Avery learning in Discovery Zone Preschool, she has became more kind towards family and friends and she learnt how to be responsible with her homework as she always remembers to do it. I am very proud of Avery as she improved a lot in her behaviour and also her school work.

Ms. Nathalia Parent of Avery Zoia Nathan KG Lavender May 12, 2017

We feel extremely blessed to have found such a wonderful group of teachers and staff. My girl loves her teachers. I could think of no better place to give my girl a head start in life. Dz always has great activities that continue to inspire children and their parents. DZ has great teachers that are nurturing and fun and at the same time encourage growth. she loves her friends and all the fun learning activities. Right now, one area my girl is touching on his how to read and write. Ms Eppie and I discussed how my girl was having some difficulty. We worked through it and they keep me informed of her progress. I am very satisfied with my girl's progress and the quality of education she receives. Aside from my girl's progress and happiness, they have an onsite kitchen to make fresh and healthy meals for the kids. With my busy schedule, it's one less thing i have to worry about thank you every one

Ms. Mimi Ang Parent of Wong En Ning Pre K Lily May 6, 2017

It is my pleasure to inform you that majority of the pre-schoolers from your kindergarten have done well in Term 1. They have merged into the BBS school environment almost seamlessly and have shown commendable confidence and competency in dealing with the various academic subjects. It is a delight to have your children with us. Rest assured that we will continue to provide a quality holistic education to all our pupils.

Mr Kwok Liu Guo Principal, Primary Bina Bangsa School (BBS) March 15, 2017

I have personally observed that children from Discovery Zone possess the essential developmental skills that children need before they enter first grade. They show confidence in self and demonstrate a sense of self-worth. They display independence in reading and writing and manifest good interest in solving maths problems. Moreover, they can easily adjust to their new environment and exhibit a socially acceptable behavior.

Ms. Merlyn Grade 1 Sapphire Teacher BTB School March 15, 2017

I'm happy to have these brilliant kids in my class. They are very active and inquisitive. They incessantly talk about a topic they are passionate about. I am not the only giving a challenge…. they do challenge me

Ms. Resyl Peneyra Grade 1 Teacher BTB School March 13, 2017

I feel privileged to share my journey of teaching to these young minds from Discovery School. They are always excited and ready to explore their ideas in most of our lessons in science. Their playful interest and curiosity of doing experiments in the class leads to a more meaningful way of a learning experience. Most of them are fascinated and eager to listen to stories. I am awed at how they politely respond to their teachers and interact with their classmates in most of the time. They are indeed well equipped individuals. A thinker, a doer and a lifelong learner.

Miss Blessyl Grade 2 Ruby Homeroom Teacher BTB School March 13, 2017